Mac OS X

Follow these step by step instructions to link your device to YonderTV

Step 1

On your Dock, open System Preferences

Step 2

In the Internet & Wireless section, click the Network button

Step 3

Your computer is either connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet (the green dot indicates what connection you are using). In this set-up scenario, we are using Wi-Fi.

Step 4

When you have selected your preferred Internet connection, click Advanced and a new window should open up.

Step 5

In the new window, click the DNS button on top

Step 6

Next, click the + button to add the YonderTV DNS server codes and

Step 7

When you have successfully entered the DNS settings, you need to ensure that the YonderTV numbers are the only ones in present in the field. If any other numbers remain, remove them by selecting the number and then click the - button. Next, click OK

Step 8

This should lead you back to the Network window again. Here you click Apply and you’re almost ready.

Step 9

Next step is important, you have to restart your computer. Simple? Yes, we think so.

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