1 Mar

Introducing the new YonderTV Affiliate Program

YonderTV Affiliate Program
After an overwhelming demand from our users, we're extremely excited to lauch the brand new YonderTV Affiliate Program.

With the brand new YonderTV Affiliate Program you can earn money by spreading the good word about our service. We'll pay you 3 dollars for every single referred user who becomes our customer. Best of all there is no minimum before you can make a withdrawl.

By signing up as an affiliate, you will be provided with your own personal referral link which you can post on your blog, Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, emailed or even printed on flyers. When a visitor follows this link, a cookie will be set for 90 days following the initial visit so users you refer don't have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission.

So what are you waiting for? Activate your Affiliate Account and start earning today!

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22 Feb

Welcome to the new Yonder.tv

Welcome to the new Yonder.tv
It was a lot of sleepless nights in the making, but we're super excited to finally unveil the brand new YonderTV website! Besides the new look, you'll notice some new changes in functionality. The old Members VIP is now fully integrated into the main website. Managing and updating your account will now take place within the new user dropdown on the top right corner of the screen. This was done to centralize the experience and limit the excess of extra pages cluttering the old website.

You'll also notice the DNS connection status message is now viewable on the top left of every page on the website to make finding your status easier and more intuitive.

We have a lot of new and exciting changes in the pipeline we think you'll love. Stay tuned and make sure to follow us on twitter and facebook to make sure you don't miss anything!

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1 Feb

Houston, we have liftoff

Well, it took a little while longer than we would have liked, but today marks the official launch of YonderTV. So what is YonderTV, and why did we make it our mission to launch it? We love music, movies, tv and sports. We could watch it day and night. But we’re too old to play pirates and downloading is plain messy. Queue YonderTV.

YonderTV is a doorway to access the plethora of movies and TV shows otherwise limited exclusively to Americans. We didn’t think that's very fair, not at all. In fact, we took it personally. Now with YonderTV we can all enjoy the latest TV shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, NBC, CBS, ABC, and much more legally streamed directly to almost any device including your TV. Anywhere in the world. At full speed.

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