Android TV / Nexus Player

Before we get started, we need to figure out what your Default Gateway is. The most popular ones are or The easiest way to find out which one is yours, is to simply try entering those numbers one at time in your browser's url bar until one of those brings you to a login page. If none of those work, check out this article for instructions on finding the correct address for your network. Once you have your Default Gateway address, proceed with the following on your Android TV / Nexus Player:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Network
  3. Click on WI-FI
  4. Click on your WI-FI network
  5. Click on Advanced options
  6. Click on IP settings
  7. Click on Static
  8. For the IP Address field, enter your Default gateway number and use .250 for the last set of numbers. The IP Address should up looking like, or
  9. Enter all four group of numbers exactly the same as IP address you got in step 1 for your Default Gateway IP
  10. Input 24 for the Network Prefix Length then lick on Next
  11. Finally, for enter the following YonderTV DNS numbers
  12. Click Continue, restart your device and you are good to go!

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