Everything suddenly stopped working

Start by checking to make sure the DNS numbers are entered correctly. Even if they are off by one number nothing will work.

If it was working before and you haven't made any changes to your router or device since, it means the IP our system believes you are using is out of date. This can happen for few reasons. If you are trying to use our DNS servers from a different network (such as a friend's house, or work) you will have to update the location set for your account to that new network. You may also have to do this if your internet service provider has changed your public IP address.

To update your location, simply sign into your account and click on the Update Location button located at the top right of the page, right beside the account dropdown. What this will do is update the IP set for your account to the IP the page was accessed from.

Note that if you are using a VPN, you will need to disable it prior to updating your location. Once the location has been updated, you can re-enable it afterwards.

Update IP

If things don't start working right away, you might have to reboot your device in order to flush the cache.

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