I just setup the DNS, now what?

NHL.tv, MLB.tv & Rogers Gamecenter

Once you have completed the steps to setup the DNS on your device, you're done! Just keep using NHL.tv and MLB.tv like you normally would. You will now have the ability to watch any game on NHL.tv an MLB.tv without any blackout restrictions.

If some games are still being blacked out, it's most likely a caching issue. If you know how to manually clear your cache, give it a shot. Otherwise a reboot will usually do the trick. :-)

Everything else

Once the DNS is setup, simply use the services as you normally would by accessing the services directly, or by clicking the service from our services page. The way our service works is we make geo-locked content such as BBC iPlayer, CBC Player etc think you are located in those respective regions. All of these services would normally blocked if you didn't happen to live where these services want you to.

For example, if you navigate to www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer you will now be able to view hundreds of TV shows and exclusive BBC content completely free. BBC iPlayer is normally blocked to everyone outside the UK.

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